Dr Zana Marovic, Phd

Clinical Psychologist, Johannesburg

TranSomatic Body Intelligence & Wellness Training

TranSomatic Wellness & Body Intelligence Training


Applicants must be practising as a mental health professionals and have at least 3 years experience in counseling (psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, social workers, counselors, marriage and family therapists, expressive art therapists).

Participants must take cognice of ethics in relation to working within their professional scope of practice and following professional laws.

TranSomatic program provides a theoretical and experiential framework for integrative approach to health and wellness, which can be immediately integrated into ones’ professional practice. Training is delivered using a combination of styles: lecture, demonstration, guided experiential exercises and role-play with fellow colleagues.


TranSomatic Wellness training consists of one day introductory workshop, then three training modules: beginners level, intermediate and an advanced level. The program is usually ran over a period of at least a year., and each level is thought over the long weekend. Training classes are usually small in size (up to 12 participants) to support an optimal learning experience and individual attention.

TranSomatic Body Intelligence & Wellness Program can be utilised as preventative or as rehabilitative program. The program focuses on improving overall health and wellness by first enhancing body intelligence, and then integrating all four types of intelligence into wisdom. Number of medical and mental health conditions can be improved with this program, from those with medical and immune conditions that are stress induced, such as diabetes, fibroymyligia, IBS, etc. to mental health conditons such as anxiety, depression, ADHD.

TranSomatic Wellness Program is a registered trademark.

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