The goal of good psychotherapy is change, and a qualified therapist is professionally trained to help you identify and work towards your goals. A good therapist is someone you can easily talk to and cares about you and your problems. Therapists are professionally trained to work with you...

Holistic Retreats

Holistic retreat is an opportunity for self-growth, rejuvenation & consciousness expansion. "Sacred Balance & Wellness" retreat takes you inside of yourself and helps you to regain a balance between head, heart, body and soul by using a selection of exercises and modalities.


Supervision is a process whereby a psychotherapist consults with a more experienced practitioner in the field in order to draw on their wisdom and expertise to enhance his or her practice. Supervision has the well-being and protection of the supervisee’s clients as its core concern...


Compulsory CPD has been implemented with the purpose to assist practitioners to maintain and acquire updated levels of knowledge, skills and ethical attitudes to professional integrity. All registered psychologists are required to accumulate 30 CPD points per 12 months including 6 Ethics.

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